Our Story

The roots of ChromaKeySuit.com date back to 2008, when a group of friends went on the hunt for special effects clothing—namely a green screen suit. Options were limited at the time, though, and prices were high. 

So they took a shot at fashioning their own chroma key clothing. It seemed easy enough, and much cheaper to boot. Turns out they were partially right: cheaper, yes; easy … not so much!

They poured hours upon hours into stitching green fabric together and gradually produced a functional bodysuit prototype. It wasn’t pretty, but it worked!

From Concept to Product

After a few more design iterations, they started offering the clothing to some green screen hobbyist friends to get some feedback and further improve the design.

With a refined product line, the group knew they were onto something and saw potential in bringing their VFX clothing to market. In early 2009, they launched ChromaKeySuit.com.

Early Success

The new business got an early break when TruTV used their green screen suit in the creation of a Super Bowl XLIV ad, featuring NFL star Troy Polamalu. See some behind the scenes footage and the final product.

Since that time, ChromaKeySuit.com has provided thousands of diverse customers with effective, reliable and affordable VFX clothing—from major studios and creative agencies, to educators, influencers, puppeteers and hobbyists.

New Ownership

In early 2018, due to a variety of factors, ChromaKeySuit.com’s founders considered closing the business. A passing conversation with a friend led to selling the business that fall and the start of a new chapter for the e-commerce company.

The new owners went to work rebuilding the business from the ground up: a new manufacturer, new products and a new website. Through this process, the company was able to improve product quality, lower prices, reduce international and express shipping rates and offer free standard domestic shipping.

Growth & Expansion

The infusion of vision and energy led to immediate and substantial growth. From 2018 to 2021, revenues exploded 652% and have continued to rise.

Sync logo

Seeing opportunities to expand the business further, the owners unveiled a new brand for ChromaKeySuit.com on June 1, 2022: Sync.

The brand creates a distinct identity beyond an e-commerce website and positions the company to offer its green screen clothes and blue screen clothes through additional sales channels. The new name also provides room for product line growth beyond VFX clothing.

What that means specifically remains to be seen, but when servicing growth industries such as animation, VFX, virtual and augmented reality, gaming, and the metaverse, the possibilities are limitless!