Collection: Green Screen Clothes

We offer green screen clothing and custom-dyed matte VFX costumes for use with chroma key productions where maximum foreground and background separation is needed and quick post-production is desired.

Our VFX suits come as either single piece green screen body suits, or green screen suits with removable hood and available removable gloves. Our green screen clothing line also includes perfectly matched green screen gloves, hoods, shirts and pants.

If your project calls for blue screen clothes, you'll find those in our store, too.

Rebel Moon Behind the Scenes in Green Screen Suits

Custom dyed

We chose to color-match our chroma key green clothes to PMS 354 C, maximizing compatibility with industry-leading green screen paint and fabric providers such as Rosco and Rose Brand.

Out fabric compared to typical green screen fabric

Low-sheen fabric

"I bought cheaper suits in the past and have wasted hours trying to remove horrible shadows and the suits never really responded to light evenly. This suit films quite even and makes for very even chromakey pulls."