About Us

A VFX clothing pioneer, Sync has supplied the video production and visual effects communities with green screen clothes and blue screen clothes since 2009. 

Thousands of customers around the world have come to know and trust the superior quality and performance of Sync’s chroma key clothing—from major studios and creative agencies, to educators, influencers, puppeteers and hobbyists. 

Recent noteworthy productions that have utilized Sync’s products include: Thor: Love and Thunder, Stranger Things and Space Jam 2

Why You Should Buy Sync VFX Clothing

Our VFX clothing line features several unique qualities that set it apart from others.

Matte Fabric

Our clothes feature matte fabric, which greatly reduces sheen and makes keying easier. You’ll find that most run-of-the-mill green screen suits use standard shiny spandex.

Custom Colors

Our suits and accessories are a custom-dyed chroma key green and chroma key blue, optimized for maximum compatibility with popular fabric and paint brands such as Rosco and Rose Brand.

Matching Separates

Sometimes you just need gloves and a hood. Or maybe shirts and pants. We have all of those and more, perfectly color-matched, all in multiple sizes.

The Sizes You Need

Speaking of sizes, we offer many, as one size certainly doesn't fit all. From Little Kids to XL, we have you covered.

Superior Craftsmanship

We are confident you won't find anyone who can match our quality. A user review captures this best:

“You can tell this suit was made for and by professionals. The quality far outshines anything I’ve bought through other places."

Unmatched Value

Superior quality + reasonable prices = unmatched value. We don’t sell the cheapest green screen suit out there, but our VFX clothes aren’t the most expensive, either—by far. 

We aim for a nexus of quality and affordability.

Incredible Service

We back up our superior products with superior service. We know you need your productions to go off without a hitch and are often on deadline. So we take customer service very seriously.

From overnight shipping to responsive, personal support, we are here to make your life easier.

Reach out to us any time with questions and concerns; you’ll hear from us promptly!