Collection: Kids Green Screen Clothes

Budding VFX stars in your home? Your kids will love our kids green screen clothing and custom-dyed matte VFX costumes! Their imaginations will run wild!

These are the same clothes used by large production studios for major motion pictures, just kid sized! Made with a low-sheen, matte fabric that is a stretchy, breathable 85% polyester / 15% spandex blend.

Out fabric compared to typical green screen fabric

Low-sheen fabric

"I bought cheaper suits in the past and have wasted hours trying to remove horrible shadows and the suits never really responded to light evenly. This suit films quite even and makes for very even chromakey pulls."

Chroma Key Green Pantone PMP 354 C

Custom dyed

We chose to color-match our chroma key green clothes to PMS 354 C, maximizing compatibility with industry-leading green screen paint and fabric providers such as Rosco and Rose Brand.