Announces New Brand Name, Logo

VFX clothing supplier says new era of growth and expansion prompted the change

Kalispell, MT – announces today the adoption of a new brand: Sync. A leader in providing the video production and visual effects communities with chroma key clothing since 2009, the e-commerce business has its sights set on further growth and expansion, prompting the name change and rebrand.

“We’ve been on a strong growth curve the past two years and see a lot of opportunity to continue that trend,” says owner Joel Maust. “Rebranding to Sync provides our products with a distinct identity beyond an e-commerce website and positions us to offer our VFX clothing through additional sales channels, such as brick-and-mortar retail and third-party marketplaces.”

Sync logo

Sync’s products enable people, or parts of people, to be easily “keyed out,” or removed, from a scene in post-production. Utilized in the filming of major productions such as Thor: Love and Thunder, Stranger Things and Space Jam 2, Sync’s VFX clothes are offered in two colors: chroma key green and chroma key blue. These colors match the green screen and blue screen backgrounds often used in VFX-heavy productions.

Maust sees opportunity to expand the Sync product line beyond just clothing, though.

“We get a lot of requests for backdrops that perfectly match our clothing, along with our custom dyed fabric by-the-yard. So, those are a few areas we will be exploring initially,” says Maust. “There are other expansion opportunities we see as well. The sky’s the limit when it comes to animation, VFX, virtual and augmented reality, gaming, and the metaverse. All of them could benefit from coordinated keying product lines.”

The brand name itself, Sync, speaks to the coordination or “synchronization” of various elements that happens in video production and VFX work—particularly when dealing with green screen and blue screen sequences.

“From background and foreground colors, masking, motion tracking, compositing, effects layers, color grading, visuals, sounds—all of it needs to be in sync,” says Maust. “We believe the name will resonate with our customer base.”

The most distinct part of the Sync logo, the S, also embodies the concept of synchronization with its single stroke outlining the shape of the S while transitioning back and forth from blue to green in a coordinated manner.

“We performed a comprehensive name exploration and then went through numerous logo concepts to arrive at the name Sync. We’re proud of the brand and new visual identity,” Maust shared.

For now, Sync will continue to sell its products via and has simply updated elements of the site to reflect the new brand. Whether the website address will change down the road to align with the brand is currently undetermined.

“We have a lot of customers who are highly loyal to From costume directors and VFX supervisors of major motion pictures to creative agencies, educators and puppeteers—they know and trust,” says Maust. “Our customers have interacted with us as a self-branded website for over 12 years, so we’re not looking to make that change yet. We want our customers to become familiar and comfortable with the new brand before considering a switch.”

To celebrate the new brand, Sync will be offering 15% off all purchases on its website now through June 15 with checkout code SYNC15.

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