Stunt man wearing a green screen suit standing in for the demogorgon in Netflix's Stranger Things season 4

Demogorgon or “Man in a Green Suit”: Who is more terrifying?

The Still Watching Netflx YouTube channel recently published a Duffer brothers breakdown of the epic demogorgon fight scene in Stranger Things season 4. It’s a fascinating watch! 

And we even get a few rare “man in a green suit” references and sightings included. 

“We would shoot it, or at least rehearse it, with a man in a green suit. Sometimes he would have a tennis ball at the top of his head to show us how tall the Demogorgon was. It's important for both David, us, and the camera operators to know what height the actual monster was gonna be.

“But eventually you also have to get it clean. In the edit, sometimes the takes with the man in the green suit were the best takes, and so we went with those, and sometimes it was a clean pass which is why, when you're looking behind the scenes, you're gonna see a little bit of both.”

While only a green suited stunt man appears in this clip, Netflix utilized pretty much our entire collection of VFX clothes in this much-anticipated production, including green screen pants, shirts, suits and gloves, along with their blue screen counterparts.

We don’t know about you, but, while both are disturbing, we’d be much more comfortable running into a man in a green suit in a dark alley than a demogorgon :)

Hats off to Rodeo FX for bringing this terrifying creature out of the shadows, and to the whole Stranger Things team for this epic show.

We are honored to have played a small role in bringing it to life!

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