Help / FAQs

1. How long will it take for me to get my green screen suit?

We offer Standard (3-5 business days), Express (2 business days) and Next Day (1 business day) shipping to domestic (United States) customers.

1a. Do you offer international shipping?

Yes. Shipping options on international orders are International Economy (6-10 business days) and International Express Air (1-3 business days).

2. What forms of payment do you accept?

All payments are processed securely through PayPal. PayPal accepts all major credit cards. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you may checkout as a guest.

3. In regards to sizing, should I get a suit that is too small or too big?

The fabric is spandex, so it will fit close to the skin. Visit the fitting chart to help choose which size will allow you to be comfortable. However, we highly recommend buying larger sizes.

4. Can I see while wearing the suit?

Yes, but not with 100% visibility. However, most studio and production environments pose no problem.

5. Does the suit without the removable hood work as well in filming?

All of the suits work well in chroma key filming. The more transparent face and removable hood are options that some customers prefer for visibility and comfort.

6. Does the zipper have to be in the back?

The suits can be worn with the zipper in the back and front. Mobility is not affected either way.

7. Can I order gloves and/or masks?

Yes, we supply gloves and masks separately. Please visit our store for these add on items.

8. Are the fabrics you use consistent in color and shape?

The fabric used for our chroma key suits has a solidity and shape to it, rather than some materials that are more loose and can fold.

9. What is your exchange/return policy?

We are not in the business of renting. Any suit may be exchanged for a different size with limited use. However, because these items are sometimes used for 1 time projects, opened suits (yes, we can tell) cannot be allowed for return. Unopened suits may be returned, but are subject to a $15 restocking fee. All returns/exchanges must be made within 3 days of delivery confirmation.

10. Is it possible that I didn’t get a confirmation of order email?

Some customers might use older emails with their PayPal account. Try double-checking which email is on record there and you should have an order confirmation.