Chroma Key Suit Fitting Chart

Use these charts as guides for choosing the chroma key suit that will fit you best. When in doubt, we suggest choosing the larger size.

Once you’ve determined the right fit, visit the online store to place your order.

v2 Suits

Heightbelow 5’45’5–5’95’10–6’3above 6’3
Chestbelow 31″31–40″40–48″above 48″
Waistbelow 28″28–32″33–38″above 38″
Weight (lbs.)below 120120–160160–220above 220

v1 Suits

Heightbelow 5’45’5–5’65’7–5’95’10–6’06’1–6’3above 6’3
Chestbelow 31″31–35″36–40″40–44″44–48″above 48″
Waistbelow 28″28–30″30–32″33–35″36–38″above 38″
Weigth (lbs.)below 120120–145145–160160–185185–220above 220

Metric conversions

Centimeters to Feet
Kilograms to Pounds (lbs.)

What if my chroma key suit doesn’t fit?

No worries. We are happy to arrange a size exchange.