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  1. Full Body Blackout Suit

    Black Bodysuit

    A flexible black out suit covering the entire body, head to toe.

  2. Black Unitard (Front)

    Black Open Face Bodysuit

    A flexible black out suit ideal for stage/puppet performance, dance and a variety of special effect situations.

  3. Blackout Mask

    Blackout Mask

    Completing our blackout series, we offer this removable blackout mask. Perfect for stage performers looking to blend into the darker background.

  4. Blackout Gloves (2)

    Blackout Gloves (2)

    Our blackout gloves (2) have been made available for the diverse needs for certain filming projects. The blackout glove set stretches to just before the shoulder.

  5. Blackout Tape

    Blackout Tape

    Easy to tear blackout tape used for a variety of jobs. Great for place marking for actors and/or equipment and combining screens seamlessly.


5 items

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