Where we started

Like most people, we started off with a need to produce something great on a low budget. After searching for special effects clothing (primarily chromakey equipment), it seemed easier and much cheaper to fashion our own. We were partially right! Cheaper, yes. Easier not so much. After hours upon hours of sewing green fabric together, we assembled a chromakey suit that you wouldn't want to show very many people.

The idea was there

Although this homemade suit didn't look great, we knew we were onto something because, well, it worked! We took a few rounds of improving the design and then decided to start offering these to our friends who enjoyed playing with green screen work (mostly as a hobby) to get some feedback and further improve before offering these suits to a wider audience.

The big leap

After a few months of feedback, we launched ChromaKeySuit.com in the early months of 2009. Since then we have provided thousands of production agencies, education facilities, beginners and experts with affordable, reliable and effective special effects clothing.

Thanks for the stopping by!